The 40 Day Hisbodedut Challenge
✅40 days starts today – ends the 10 th day of Av
Reb Natan says that a person who prays for something for 40 days straight, does hisbodedut
for 40 days straight, he’s guaranteed results.
 We have a guarantee here.
 You need to dedicate 40 days straight.
 Once you get answered you’re hooked because you found a formula that works.
Don’t make a decision based on a feeling, make a decision based on prayer.
✅Right now, it’s Rosh Chodesh Tamuz. In 40 days, it will be the 10 th of Av.
From destruction to rebuilding.
What are we rebuilding? Our mindset. Ourselves. Complete rebuilding in these 40 days.
Lesson 52 according to Reb Nachman, you have to pick the first thing, the one thing that is
really affecting you emotionally such as:
Anxiety: Work on trusting in G-d, pray to G-d to get rid of the fear of things.
Confidence issue: Pray for self-esteem
Whatever is the main thing – one thing affects everything. Why do we create 40-day
challenges? Because people have to hit goals. We need deadlines.

40 days until the 10 th of Av. Rebuilding you
We all have something dominant in our lives that is driving the whole show and that has to be
worked on until it’s completely nullified.
Why do we need prayer, we could just learn about it? Because when you just learn about, it
doesn’t express your will. The main principal of a person’s efforts in this world is how he
expresses his will, so you have to express how badly you want something.
 Do it at the same time where you could stay consistent and can’t get interrupted.
 Dedicate 15-20 minutes on one middah, one thing that is dominating and running your
We’re always attracting things in our lives based on our levels of consciousness, such as if
I’m always frustrated, or if people are making me angry all the time –

 I should not pray for these people to be knocked out.
 I should pray to remove anger from my heart.
 If your main thing is that you always get insulted,
 Pray to become humbler, teach me about humility.
It has to be the same thing.
❓Why am I not attracting a soulmate? Is it clarity?
❓What can I change? Ask for what you can change, why you’re not attracting your soulmate
for 40 days straight and you will get that answer exactly what it is.
Anything you receive that you did not pray for could be detrimental. Whatever I receive after
prayer that means it’s a good sign, you worked for it.
We are meant to hit goals. You cannot just wake up and say ‘I don’t know what I’m doing
today.’ When I wake up in the morning, I already have a menu of things that I need to do. That
pulls me towards my goals.
If we’re waking up and have nothing to pray for, we have a problem with desire. What are
we here for? I don’t care who you are, where you live, what you’re going through, you need
something that’s driving you.
Right now, my #1 prayer for me is focus. If I get focused, I will be able to do more things,
help more people, more content, etc. Without focus, everything will stack up and become a big
‘Creator of the world, give me focus.’
If we don’t have something to pray for, we have a problem with desire. If we have no desire,
we have no self-esteem, because how could you not want something in life? You’re created
from infinity and infinity is all about desire. The highest level of energy in life is keter, desire.
Once we start having goals, triggers, deadlines, you will get up before the alarm clock.
I’m trying to get you to see what happens when you get answered after 40 days and you see a
miracle in your life, you will be addicted to it and you will ask for the next goal and the next
Not all addictions are bad. Imaging being addicted to good things, to prayer.
 40 Days – talk about the #1 issue that is affecting everything.
 80-90% is fear based

 Another 20% self-esteem based, or anger –
Talk about the dominant thing and ask your creator to remove it 100% until you’re
completely nullified in this situation in life.
40 days straight.
Some people call me and say they don’t know what to talk about. This is why Reb
Nachman’s teachings are so important – it’s about getting to the root of the issue, a problem
with the fundamentals of our lives.
The reason we use prayer and not just learn about it is because is the heart is closed the mind is
closed. Our sages are telling us that all repair has to go through the mother – the mother refers
to binah, binah represents the heart.
I could be in a relationship and be super smart but emotionally be checked out. My emotions
affect the way I think. Work on the heart, as our sages say, open our hearts, our hearts have
become closed.
We judge a person based on his heart – he is a cold-hearted person, a warm-hearted person.
This determines his behavior. Binah is a place of emotion, renewal. Chochma and Binah go
together – anytime the mind Is closed its because our beliefs are off.
 The mind: I don’t want to pray
 The heart: I don’t believe it works
It’s always connected – all actions are belief driven, so we have to change our beliefs. Our
beliefs are not in our head, they’re in our heart. Hisbodedut is service of the heart, talking to
G-d by yourself.
The more connected you are socially the more disconnected you are from yourself. We’re
thinking social media connects everyone – it made people lonelier.
We have to get out of the lonely stage and get into the alone stage.
Alone – you could change everything in your life.
Lonely – you won’t change anything. Lonely is a state, I feel lonely. Time to be Every week we should be talking about hisbodedut – without this, nothing is getting fixed. I
am very results oriented. Reb Nachman’s teachings works 1000%. We have our own questions,
theories, bubameisas, but these teaching work, I can guarantee that.

If we’re not getting results, we’re not going all in, you cannot be half pregnant.
Lack of self-esteem – not wanting to face ourselves – addiction 101: running away from
ourselves. We need Azamra, come to our creator broken, but you have to identify the issue
causing disturbance in your life.
Sometimes in my life, my issue is focus, other times my issue was anger or self-esteem. I
worked on those constantly. The more awareness you get of that particular emotion running in
your life, you will always attract the exact same situations in your life based on the
consciousness you’re at – based on our daat, based on our perspective.
For example – no one will come to me for a small deal, they know better, they would call me
for big deals. Why do we call certain people for bigger deals in life? Because they already had
that big deal. We want big deals and we haven’t even opened a small office.
There’s a reason the opportunities come to people that have already gotten that experience
Why are coaches paid 20 million dollars if he’s a football coach? Because he’s already won. You
don’t have to learn from his mistakes.
As we learn from our mistakes, our value goes up, we increase our value and self-worth. It’s
very important to learn from your mistakes – don’t be upset about them, just learn from them.
As you learn from them, you handle them well and become more valuable in life.
If you’re stuck on yesterday and haven’t turned the page in 30 years, that’s your value. Your
value is history. It’s very important that if we have an issue in our lives it’s creating a stuck-ness
in our lives and the addictions are only showing us that we’re running away from ourselves.
The only rectification is running back to ourselves and talking to our creator.
You have to create discipline in this area. Your creator is showing it to you in an obvious way. If
it wasn’t obvious, you couldn’t change it.
What’s stopping us? Being emotionally and mentally burnt out – our hearts are closed.
‘Hashem, take away my anger, and my low self-esteem, let me find good points in myself. Let
me see good in people.’ The work is – when you work on yourself, the whole world changes for
you. People want to be around happy people; people don’t want to be around people that suck
their energy and are toxic.
Of course, your friends will change. No one wants to be around complainers – misery loves
Identify the problem: the #1 thing in your life you’re dealing with.

Sadness? Ask the creator to give you Emunah, non-negotiable, 30 minutes a day. When you’re
praying for spirituality, heaven has to give it to you. It’s a need in heaven.
Messengers are sent to show you what you need to work on. Do not blame the messenger,
it’s G-d’s way of showing you something obvious. The world is so frustrated and angry, they’re
not seeing the big picture.
 You need to dedicate 40 days straight. Once you get answered you’re hooked because
you found a formula that works.
Constantly deal with the emotions that are stagnant – there’s an accumulation in that area.
If you don’t remove that accumulation through prayer, that will be your dominant
If you could never forgive someone, then every relationship you walk into you will come in
angry, and they will trigger the accumulation of energy that has not been released.
A trigger is telling us we’re not praying enough. This is an area we all need to work on.
Whether it’s your marriage, your kids, anything in your life, it’s all coming down to prayer.
Hashem gave you the problem because He wants you to come to Him in a relationship.
If we’re not doing this, we’re not getting anything. 40 days is a great number to start. Our sages
say that Torah and prayer need constant encouragement. Any areas of our lives we will get
great results, we will get great resistance.
Our creator created us with free will so that we should get rewarded. Our job in this world is to
break through all of this resistance.
Don’t think about this logically – the problem is not the mind, it’s the heart. Emotions are the
#1 thing our creator wants us to come to Him with. Emotions are to teach us something we
need to work on.
For example – why would one keep going into withdrawal? The emotion is fear. I need to ask
my creator to turn the fear into the fear of G-d and to limit any kind of fears and embrace a
new trust in the creator.
Reb Nachman said to work on one thing at a time. Go into one thing and completely
remove the shadow.
 Pros of having trust in life: easier decision making, more energy, more success
 Cons of not having trust in life: withdrawal, exhaustion, projecting, etc.

Label the area of your life or just talk about one area of your life that’s really bothering you.
The worst thing we could do is avoid G-d. The prayer is not for Him it’s for you, He changes your
consciousness. The highest consciousness is love.
 If you would walk around seeing only good points and G-dliness in everyone, nothing
will bother you.
When you only have love in yourself, an only have love inside then you could never see bad in
anyone. You would see a limitation and pray for that person. The reason we’re frustrated by
people is that we’re holding the exact same thing that they’re showing us and we have to
surrender and work on ourselves, with your kids, wife, husband the world changes.
There is so much discipline you need. This is why you can never give advice until you
recognize and master that. I’ve gone through these roads, I’ve gone through many dead ends in
life, all of this, this is nothing new for me. I can tell it to you with energy and conviction because
I already know what it is to go through a dead end, I have been through many.
I know that automatic dead ends is blaming the messenger, the people in life. If you focus on
the chochma, wisdom of that situation, you get everything.
 May Hashem help us dedicate 15-20 minutes minimum for 40 days straight.
Remember: if you really get into this and do it from your heart -you will get tremendous
energy and that will cause warmth and cause you to speak more and more. That is ruach hakodesh, a sweet spot that you want to get to.
Just show your creator how much you want to and need to work on this.
 If it’s sadness, your prayer is Emunah.
 If it’s low self-esteem – work on loving and forgiving yourself
 If it’s fear – you need to start asking Hashem to trust
 If it’s an obsession with desire that you need more to make you happy, you need to ask
for more spirituality and that you need to be content with being in the moment.
 If it’s being insulted all the time – the prayer should be ‘give me more humility and self-
We know from the problem what the solution is – the problem is always telling us what the
solution is. For example, if it’s me, it’s focus. What does it take to be focused? I need to starve
my distractions.
Your goal is that once you conquer a lower goal, that you get to better goals. You should, G-d
willing, also say – I want to be more focused; I want to help more people. First you have to do
the work.

 There’s a value for you to experience.
 There’s value in experiencing failure if it’s handled well -it’s called growth, bigger
Ask your creator ‘what needs to be changed, what could I work on?’.
40 days starts today – ends the 10 th day of Av, after the destruction and rebuilding of the bais hamikdash.
We will start rebuilding after we deal with and work on what’s causing the destruction.